Free your mind

Happy snow day, wow! So many positive, uplifting messages every time I post a new blog.. after my last post I received several questions regarding meditation and chakra healing. To be honest, I never heard of chakras or how to “heal” them until a little over a year ago. I was so attracted to the whole idea, I began to read and educate myself. Everything is composed of energy and information. Every object emanates from movement and vibration. Chakras are energy centers within the body. Our energy in nature is responsible for the flow of energy and information. Think of chakras as the information highway to your mind, body, soul and spirit. A blocked chakra means energy is stuck or hindered, almost like a clogged artery. We can create blockages in the physical body through poor dietary choices, lack of exercise, over exertion, or lack of sleep. Blocks in the chakras can show within the emotional or psychological form such as stored emotions from the past or mental illness like anxiety, depression, or addiction. We we accumulated emotional toxins and residue from not properly processing and digesting emotions and experiences. These toxins result in the energy flow of the chakras. This causes many issues physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout our lives. Good news there is a lot we can do to heal these blocks and keep our energetic body well balanced. This helps us feel energy, happy, whole, confident, and free. For me, a large part of my chakra healing was meditation. Learning to breathe and calm myself during overwhelming situations. Meditation simply means quieting the mind enough to hear the soul speak. Letting my higher self guide me and reveal whatever it is I’m ready to see. Use your intuition, break the pattern of mind control from the matrix by tuning into what’s real✨ thank you for coming to my Ted Talk, and I hope this truly helped those who asked. If anyone has any questions or wants to add feel free XO❤️


What you’ve been searching for, has been within you all along

I wanted to start my blog introducing myself, and showing you ways I deal with my pain, my anxiety and simply just when my day isn’t agreeing with me. I try to focus on my goals, I focus on my strengths and remind myself that I’m human and it’s okay to feel this way. My blog is a gentle reminder to you and myself when times are tough to re read my thoughts, take a breath, count my blessings. Does it work every time? No, but it works and that’s why I continue to push through and allow myself to feel. I refuse to mask my feelings, or sit in my sorrows at at local bar waiting for my life to change. Stepping out of my comfort zone and allowing myself to grow and set goals was the start of my journey. Some days are smoother than others, other days I feel no growth but that’s all apart of the process. People and things will test you, you can choose to entertain it or simply walk around the issue. I know my worth and I refuse to settle. I work hard on my physical self just as hard as I work on my mental. Yoga, reading/writing, meditation, being outside, working on chakras, eating better, and being around others who have the same goals help the healing process. Before I just jump right into my life, I want my readers to understand me, and grow with me during my journey💓



I hope you find comfort within the walls of your skin,

that you are proud of where you stand and remember the strength it took to get there. I hope that you’ve known true happiness. But most of all I hope that you have made peace with yourself,

and no matter where you are in this time, you know that you are home

Thank you,

To the ones Who have tried to break me so far, thank you.

You’ve help me find my fire.

I know that’s not what you wanted.

You wanted to shut me down.

Silence me with your spiteful words.

For a while it worked.

I’ll admit that.

But I dug deep.

Really deep.

And I found my voice.

You think you can teach me one or two things about my flaws?

Put them under a microscope?

Leave them out for the world to see? Don’t worry I made friends with them long before you came along.

But what about you?

Sitting there behind your screen. All brave and stuff.


Feeding of drama.

Like a sickness.

Have you never felt insecure?

Felt ugly?



Know what it feels like to mess up? Upset someone?

Said or did something wrong?

It’s OK, I already know the answer of course you have.

You’re human, just like me. You know how those things feel.

It’s rough.

But no one is perfect, that much I know. So I’ll cut you some slack

and ask you to think twice about the words you allow to spill out of your mouth.

Because hate will never win. Hate is like cancer.

It spreads like wildfire the more you feed it and

I think you owe it to yourself to let it starve.

This life is short and our time is limited. You were meant for more than this

I believe ..

I believe we can have, do, and be anything we want. I believe our differences make us unique but at our core, we are all one. I believe we are all beautiful and deserve to love ourselves enough to see it. I believe money does grow on trees because it’s paper and we are abundant AF. I believe life is too short to stay comfortable. I believe in paying attention to your energy when you’re around people and cutting people out of your life who drain you, immediately. I believe we are all meant to do something great. I believe in caring a lot about people, but not giving a fuck what they think. I believe comparison is a waste of time because no one is like you. I believe the mother at the store with the screaming toddler is doing her best and needs support, not dirty looks. I believe stretch marks are battle scars of creating new life and should be celebrated. I believe wrinkles are an amazing reminder of how much we’ve smiled. I believe scales were designed to put a number on our worth and we are not a number. I believe we should speak to and about one another from a place of love. I believe kindness feels better than judgment for both parties. I believe when we are authentically ourselves, we shine the brightest. I believe we are all worthy of health, wealth, and happiness. I believe our stories matter and deserve to be heard. I believe our pain is our power, and we’re all powerful as fuck. I believe we are enough. I believe the best way to figure out who we are is to write down everything we believe in and then share that with the world, unapologetically. I believe in empowering others to be who they were meant to be before all that shit happened that dimmed their shine

Own your worth

It is more than okay to be a multi faced woman. In fact, I hope you embrace that fully. I love being by myself, but I also love being a mother, sister, daughter, and friend. I love spirituality and wine. I love meditation and sometimes I still don’t do it. I love books/ learning/ and growing, and I love being lazy and watching mindless Netflix. I’m learning to enjoy healthy foods, and I also love pizza, tacos and doughnuts. I’m working on projecting mindfulness but I also loose my shit about 5x a day. Life isn’t so black or white, and neither are you. Success has more than one definition and you get to choose what yours is. Don’t stuff yourself in a box, stick a label on it and walk around your whole life in misery or fear of stepping outside of that identity. Let people judge you. They will try to label you or say “should be this or shouldn’t be that” because they have labeled THEMSELVES. Other people’s opinion have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Let them be miserable if they want. You do you. Embrace all the parts of yourself, it is safe to be you. Do whatever you want to do, and don’t for one second feel bad about that❤️

Freedom is a State of Mind

This past year will always hold a special place in my heart because it was the year that I put my ego and my false sense of control aside… put my faith in God and the Universe, and watched everything flow. If you’re not proud of the person you are RIGHT now, don’t fret! YOU have the power to change that person right now.. literally. Stop making yourself into the victim— be grateful for your life and good things will come to you, so quickly. The more positive changes I make, the more I’m attracting positive people and things into my life. It’s an endless cycle of abundance. Live life in the now, no problems exist in the present moment— any other way is insanity. Strengthen your mind, it’s way more powerful than you know. Stop talking yourself out of the things you want to do! You are worthy as anyone. Let your passion burn brighter than your fears. Of coarse there’s going to be curve balls along the way, BUT see these as opportunities to stay calm and realize how much easier it is to problem solve when you remain humble. Once you raise your vibration, nothing can stop you. 🦋 No, my life is not perfect. My blog is to help others feel encouraged, understand their worth and most of all have faith in themselves. This is what motivates me to have a better day, and to help train my brain to focus on the good rather than be comfortable and fixate on the negative. I hope you all enjoy! Have a wonderful night and an important reminder(to myself and anyone who needs to hear this): whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you! Don’t. Let. Them. Get. To. You!!! Do your own thing and be unapologetically you 🙏🏼❤️

Rise with me

I found that most of my struggle came from trying to find “home”. No, not the home with windows, doors, the picket white fence. The home where your heart and soul are at peace. When I started writing, I started to feel home. Writing helped me make sense of myself, and the world around me. Home was in me all along, no one else. We tend to put our happiness in others.. and when they don’t give us what we expected, or the love and happiness we deserve; We get frustrated, and we start to doubt ourselves. But, these are the things we need to do for ourselves. I decided to invite you on my journey, the journey to give myself the life I deserve. I value myself, I feel empowered. I want to help others, I want to be the voice that is stopping others to open up. Telling my story, not letting myself to feel ashamed for what I’ve been through… and just be real❤️ To be honest, I was ashamed of my story. I was in-prisoning myself for how others viewed or judged me. We worry so much what others think, we don’t want to come off as “struggling” because then we look weak. The longer we carry the pain the bigger it gets. But these mountains you are carrying you were only supposed to climb(Say that 3x). Whatever you feel that was supposed to bury you is actually your calling to rise from it, and become your best self. What’s the first step? How do I get myself out of this dark place? These are the questions I’d ask myself or my peers all the time. For me, looking the situation right in the eyes. Acknowledging this is not right, I’m unhealthy, I’m underweight, I’m out of character, I’m having panic attacks, I’m barely getting sleep. I’m admitted to myself the truth. I was comfortable, it was familiar. I was afraid of the unknown. I felt safe. What if I move forward— I put in all this time and effort just to be at square one. I gave myself the right to feel how I was feeling. Recognize the problem. Remove yourself from the people, places and things that no longer serve you. When you walk away from your source of pain, THATS when you heal. I settled for being invisible.I told myself, I can’t be the only one.. there is beauty in validating yourself and to show the world we should not shame others for how they feel. I want to awaken the confidence in others to shine. Never underestimate the power of consistency and desire. You have what it takes to become the best you can be. Don’t ever doubt yourself. Control your power and exceed your expectations. Tend to your mental, tend to yourself. YOU matter❤️ Rise With Me—